Diamond Phoenix offer various ASRS solutions in the form of pallet and miniload stacker cranes from our partners Cassioli and other Vertical storage systems such as Carousels & VLM’s
Based on the required loading capacity, on the handling capacity and on the type of item to be stored (finished/semi-finished/raw), our technicians will propose the most suited intensive storage system:

• Automatic warehouse with stacker cranes for high storage capacity. AS/RS warehouse systems with unique functions (some of which internationally patented)
• Vertical warehouse systems for intensive storage of small and medium-sized items
• Satellite warehouse systems for traditional shelving (equipped with handling by stacker crane of lift-truck)

Unit load and mini-load Stacker cranes that have the flexibility to meet your unique requirement.
• Heights of above 40m
• Working loads between 50kg-7000kg
• Operating temperature range of -30°C to + 60°C

Load handling devices
• Single-depth telescopic fork
• Double-depth telescopic fork
• Shuttle

• Drive speed upto 250m/min
• Lift speed upto 80m/min

Rail guided system
• Single –aisle
• Curve going (multi-aisle)

Crane footage at Wagg... crane coming in 47 - 47.30 and more... same as this. (TRAMTINA / HAVAN)